Custom Blueprints

Why should You hire Allen Brown?

I believe that your next home should be a reflection of your style, tastes, and lifestyle. I work hand in hand with you, to ensure the house we design is the house you want to live in. Regardless of the architectural style, size, or price range, we can help to customize your home to fit you!

I started in carpentry in 1990, and have been designing and building homes since 1996, so not only do I know how to design, I know how homes should actually be constructed.

In 2007 I designed and helped build the first L.E.E.D. Certified home in Indiana.

In 2010 I was certified through the National Association Of Homebuilders as a “Certified Aging In Place Specialist”.   This program taught us to design & build houses using Universal Design Principles, so people can continue to live in their homes while they grow older, without remodeling it.

In 2014 I was the first builder in Central Indiana to be certified as a “Certified Passive House Builder” by the Passive House Institute, US. (PHIUS), and I specialize in designing for High Energy Efficiency.  Whether you want a Certified Passive Home, a Net Zero Home, or just a beautiful home that doesn’t break your budget in high heating and cooling seasons, I can help you get there!

Do you find it hard to look at a 2D set of construction drawings, and visualize what it feels like to stand in the kitchen and look into the living room? With our state of the art software, we can “take a picture” from anywhere inside or outside of your home! One feature can we include with every set of new construction  blueprints is a 3D Video Walk through of your home, inside and out. With this Video Walk through, you can go through your home from room to room, and get a feel for what each room will look like, and how each room fits and interacts with the other rooms. Added benefits are the ability to see if doors interfere with cabinets, if there is a view into a room that is undesirable, and what different raised ceilings will look like.


Included with every Home Design & Blueprint:

*In-Person design sessions at your office or mine.

*On line meeting design sessions, up to 10 people can meet at one time,  anywhere in the world.  This saves drive time, if your time is limited.

*Full set of Construction Drawings showing all the information you need for your trades to complete the construction of your project.

*3D views from inside and outside of your home.

*3D Video Walkthrough of your New House, so you can “See your house from the inside and out” before construction ever begins. (There is an extra cost for this service)



New Construction Blueprints  $1 per square foot of heated living space.

Remodel Blueprints  All remodel jobs are different, and are priced individually.

Contract Drafting  Contract Drafting is charged on an hourly basis, at $75/hr.

Chief Architect Training  Training is charged on an hourly basis, at $75/hr., billed in 15 minute increments